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We are a tiny group, with 10 years of experience creating video content for an array of industries viz, Interactive, Broadcast, TV Commercials, Web and the likes.

We have worked for brands such as Nokia, Pepsi, Kelloggs, CNBC tv18 and CNN IBN (Network18), Airtel, Reliance communications, Mahindra Renault,, TATA infomedia, Godrej, IOCL Servo, Neo Sports, Star News, Bigstar.



Let’s keep this really simple! Emi is the boss around here – and no one messes with the boss (period)



Dominika does the dual role of the Administrator and Project Manager in UNITBEE. She is your first and primary point of contact.
She has a 4 year plus experience in the design industry, however she ended up kick-starting UNITBEE.



Manojit is a motion designer, he likes to get his hands dirty with the creative part of the projects.
He has worked for a range of industries/ projects viz, corporate films, video productions, TV commercials, new-media, interactive, and the occasional independent animated shorts.

Our Portfolio

Reel, Process & Services


Our Reel

Here is our latest reel. Our primarily area of expertise is in animated explainer and promotional videos for the internet.

Our Work Process

We have tried to describe below in a three part explanation, how we go about starting our work from the first contact with you, so you have a fair idea how the whole process works, and what to expect next in the work flow. We try to share and take your feedback as we continue to work on your project.


Step 1. Brief:
We receive the brief, or the lack of it! (in this scenario we have a discussion with the client about their goal and vision and draw a brief on the basis of the information provided)

Step 2. Script:
After receiving the brief, we should have a clear understanding of the story we want to tell. This essentially means we should have a script drafted and approved by the client.

Step 3. Storyboards:
Now that we have a approved version of the script we draw a visual script off it… this means drawing the storyboards (this essentially gives you a visual glimpse of your script). This process may go through a few changes. Its always better to get rid and add things here in storyboards than after the animation is done!



Step 1. Design Boards:
On the basis of the storyboards we will create some of the design frames from the storyboards. So you can have an understanding of the final look of the film.

Step 2. Music and Voice Over:
Its good if we can have the music and VO ready and approved by the time we have the design boards approved.

Step 3. Shoot:
If the script calls for a photo/video shoot on green screen or on location, photographs or video. All elements, such as talents, location, costumes, props etc. are required to discussed in detail with respect to the project as a whole.

Step 4. Animation:
Once we commence animation process, we can share the WIP (work in progress) with you at regular intervals depending on the length of the animation production.


After the client reviews the final film, we listen to their review and add one round of minor required edits according to their needs. This is free* of charge.
*however any further major changes needs to be discussed with and might be subject to additional charges if they extend beyond the scope of our complementary free edit round.

Our Services

Explainer Videos

Explain your products and services through film or animation. Let your target know how easy it is to use your product or service through a video rather than a brochure/ a page full of instructions.

Corporate Videos

Introduce your firm, employees, products and services via film. Promote your online presence and drive more traffic to your site.

Promotional Videos

Promote your product or service through short snappy teaser videos, which can be used as preroll commercials for example in Youtube videos or simply independent promotional videos as paid published content such as banners.

Tech Videos

Reach out to your target customers, to show and tell them why your software or app is better than the current market leader’s. The use of a video to explain the superlative qualities of a product/ service has shown significant turnovers improvements among out previous clients.


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